Founded in Beijing in 1991 and mainly engaged in the development and sales of video game accessories, learning machines, affordable computer products and computer education software and hardware products.
In 1998, launched the first domestic affordable computer which can be logged on the internet, as well as computer VCD series products in October the same year.
Became a global partner with Microsoft in 1999 with aim to promote information home appliances.
In 2000, Yuxing is shortlisted in “China top 100 electronics enterprises” and became the first mainland private high-tech enterprise listed in Hong Kong GEM.
In 2002, with Hong Kong PCCW as a partner, Yuxing took part in the manufacturing, research and development of IPTV set-top box products.
In 2003, developed broadband TV market with Hong Kong PCCW and delivered serial IPTV set-up boxes.
In 2004, purchased 10.425% stock of Shenzhen Jiangan Industrial becoming indirect holder of 51 million shares of China’s Ping An. That same year, set up of the Yuxing Industrial Park as its production base and IPTV set-top box entered into the Japanese market successfully.
In 2005, Yuxing became the main supplier of domestic industry customer VOD set-top box.
In 2006, Yuxing became Maroc telecom set-top box supplier. That same year, IPTV set-top box shipments surpassed 1 million units, MRG ranked first in Asia and the second in the world.
In 2007, launched the third generation of products with h. 264 technology as its core.
In 2007 Yuxing IPTV set-top box began to enter the high-end markets such as Spain, Britain and North America.
In 2008, Yuxing established strategic cooperation with the leading French company Viaccess and the middleware company Orca in Israel
In 2009, Yuxing became Beijing municipal talent training base outside school.
In 2010, Yuxing IPTV set-top box entered Australia, Russia, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Romania and other countries serving 16 countries, 20 clients and supplying more than 2.5 million units.
In 2010, Yuxing rebranded, integrated IPTV business and founded Hybroad Vision electronic technology co in Guandong.
In 2012, Hybroad Vision became IPTV set-top bx supplier of the royal Dutch telecom.
In 2013, by the first half of the tear, more than 30 industries in the world adopted our set-top box products and we accumulated more than 9 million sets of delivery.
The same year, Yuxing founded Yurui investment management co LTD in Beijing.